Aug 16
IC-ENC Steering Comittee 19 Discussion Papers

The Steering Committee 19 Discussion Papers are now available through the Hydrographic Offices area of this website. 

To access and download the discussion papers, please go to the Hydrographic Offices​ area and log in using your username and password. Scroll down to the IC-ENC Steering Comittee section and click on the SC19 folder icon. A zip file containing all the discussion papers can be downloaded from here. 

We are looking forward to seeing you all in September.

Aug 14
IC-ENC Issues Largest Weekly Release of Data

For your general information, last week IC-ENC issued its largest ever exchange set of weekly ENC data. This included 66 New ENCs – the Solomon Islands, and Russian ENCs (the east coast, where a large re-scheme of data has been achieved, with the small scale Band 2 coverage moving to a grid system).

Our total files released was 379, exceeding by a significant margin the previous highest weekly total of 336. The 2017 weekly average is closer to 250, and 2016's was closer to 170. Although there have been some cancellations of previous coverage in the Solomon Islands and Russian east coast, this new data takes the size of the IC-ENC ENC folio beyond 7,500.

This is a great achievement for the Validation team across all of our offices in making this happen.​

Aug 14
IC-ENC Welcomes Solomon Islands as its 42nd Member

​IC-ENC welcomes Solomon Islands, having last week completed the Statement of Intent to Join process. This was achieved through the Australian Hydrographic Service, which is supporting SIMSA in the production and distribution of these ENCs while SIMSA develops its own capabilities. 41 new Solomon Islands ENCs, production code "SB", have now been released through IC-ENC to the VARs. ​

Jun 21
IC-ENC Latin America: First Birthday!

​To celebrate IC-ENC Latin America's first birthday, the IC-ENC Latin America RENC Group have written ​a short piece on the achievements, developments and challenges the office has faced since it became fully operational. 

Please click on the link below to download the document:

IC-ENC LA celebrates first birthday.pdf

IC-ENC Latin America.png
IC-ENC Chairman and IC-ENC General Manager visit IC-ENC Latin America

May 30
IC-ENC Technical Conference 2017

The second IC-ENC Technical Conference took place last week in Copenhagen, Denmark​​. We had 41 attendees representing 32 of our 41 nations.​​ The conference was a great success​ and some excellent discussions took place over the three days. 

A draft version of the conference report will be circulated to the attendees for review shortly. In the meantime, all of the delivered presentations have now been uploaded to the Hydrographic Offices area of the website, under the ​'Technical Conference' heading. You will also find the group photo in the same location.

We hope to see you all again at TC03 next year!

TC02 Group.JPG

Feb 21
International Team Training

The IC-ENC Validation Team have been busy training to use the new internal validation tool that has been developed to replace the Data Management Database (DMD) system.

The International Teams from the Australia, North America and Latin America offices joined the rest of the team at IC-ENC UK for three weeks during January/February. During this time, the team were introduced to the new bespoke software tool in order to familiarise themselves with some of the new functionality and processes, whilst acting as a final User Acceptance Testing process, reporting back any issues encountered. During the final week, the team began to conduct their validations using the new tool and share ideas regarding new best practice.

The International Teams emphasised the benefit of having the team in one place to maximise learning and understanding of the new tool during a short period of time, as the team were able to share ideas for best practice and discuss any issues they encountered during the training. This has helped to ensure that they felt confident in using the tool upon returning to their home offices. Their training and performance progress was overseen by the IC-ENC Data Manager as part of the team's Continuous Professional Development.

As well as a productive three weeks of training, the team made sure they made the most of their time together in the UK by organising several out-of-office team building/social events, equally important as the functional training.

Aug 01
IC-ENC Steering Committee 17 Meeting Papers

The meeting papers for IC-ENC Steering Committee 17 have now been circulated by email, but they are also available to download from the Hydrographic Offices part of the IC-ENC website. 

If you wish to access them from the website, please log in with your account details and then download the .zip file from the Steering Committee 17 folder.

As stated in IC-ENC Circular Letter 2016/06 (circulated on 21st June), the agenda and discussion papers will be finalised on 20th August (one month before the meeting), so if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact James Harper on (cc: before 20th August.​

We look forward to seeing you all in September!

Jul 27
New Maltese ENC Coverage

Since The Ports and Yachting Directorate for Transport Malta, joined IC-ENC in February, IC-ENC has been working closely with Malta in order to develop its ENC production capacity.  We are now very happy to announce that IC-ENC will release the first Maltese (MT coded) ENC in this week's IC-ENC exchange set on Friday 29th July 2016, with more to follow in upcoming weeks.

Not only is this a great step forward for Malta in terms of providing important coverage for the region, but this also means that IC-ENC has reached a significant milestone of having more than 6,000 ENCs in its folio, which now accounts for 40% of the global folio of released ENCs. 

Malta_Page 11.jpg
James Harper (IC-ENC General Manager) and Aaran Champion (IC-ENC Data Validator) with Godwin Borg and Joe Bianco from The Ports and Yachting Directorate for Transport Malta​.

Jul 07

We are now part way through the first week of the IC-ENC International ENC Validation training course, which is taking place from 4th-15th July at the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) in Taunton, UK. ​Eleven delegates from nine nations have joined us for two weeks to learn about the ENC Validation process from start to finish, thus giving them the knowledge and skills to be able to perform ENC Validation when they return to their home offices. The course will also include familiarisation with the eGlobe G2 ECDIS in order to encourage the use of ECDIS in Hydrographic Offices' ENC production and validation processes. All IC-ENC members have been provided with the eGlobe ECDIS software to take back to their home offices.

We are also starting to make travel arrangements for the IC-ENC Steering Committee 17 meeting, which will take place on 20th and 21st September. As mentioned in the recent IC-ENC Circular Letter, the participants attendance registration deadline has been set to Thursday 30th June

For your information, please see the timescale of events leading up to the meeting below:

​​- July - preparation of discussion papers by IC-ENC. Travel details supplied to each delegate.

- 1st August - Discussion papers issued to Steering Committee

- 20th August (one month before meeting) - Finalisation of agenda/final discussion papers issued. Confirmation of logistics

- 19th September - IC-ENC staff available for pre-meeting discussions/questions etc

- 20​th-21st September - IC-ENC Steering Committee 17

If any IC-ENC member intends to submit a discussion paper, please contact James Harper on as soon as possible.

Jun 10
IC-ENC Technical Conference Report

​The final version of the IC-ENC Technical Conference Report is now available to download from the Hydrographic Offices section of the website, or click here​ to view the report.

IC-ENC Technical Report Cover.PNG

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