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ENC Distribution

IC-ENC works with companies known as Value Added Resellers (VARs), who are able to offer comprehensive end-use services that bring together various navigational products into one package.

By working with VARs, IC-ENC is able to offer the mariner a choice of services, each incorporating a wide range of ENCs, which are available through a variety of well-known international distribution outlets.

IC-ENC acts as a single point of supply, offering consistent terms that give VARs the flexibility to offer a range of integrated services to meet the needs of the international mariner.

This way, IC-ENC members avoid:

Current IC-ENC VARs

More information about each VAR can be found on the Current IC-ENC VARs page.

For more information on how to become a VAR can be found on the How to Become a VAR page.

VAR Reporting

A copy of the sales report format specification and general guidelines on how to populate your report is available here. The XML schema is available here.

Pay as You Sail (PAYS) Specification

PAYS is a subscription-based service that gives a vessel access to worldwide ENCs for planning purposes, with the vessel then only being charged for those ENCs used during their voyage.

The PAYS Specification has been developed between the two RENCS, IC-ENC and PRIMAR, and version 2.0 (published 9th December 2019) has introduced guidance for third-party PAYS providers.

The specification can be accessed here.