Why Validate?

IC-ENC is an ENC centre of expertise with an experienced staff that has seen many different flavours and styles of ENC.
The IC-ENC team operates to set standards (validation policies) which are fundamentally based on improving the ENC database for the mariner. This allows a measured approach to ENC consistency and representation rather than a simple conformance to the international standards. As such, IC-ENC’s feedback reports go beyond the single ENC file and report on wider data consistency and usability issues.​


Safe Navigation

ECDIS on a bridge.jpgIC-ENC is an association of national Hydrographic Organisations working together to harmonise the production and distribution of high quality ENCs. The common goal is to promote safe navigation at sea. IC-ENC has 12 members of staff located in two offices; the main IC-ENC Headquarters being in England and a regional office placed in Australia.

IC-ENC provides an independent ENC quality assurance service and supply path to market for its members’ data. The validation feedback provided by IC-ENC is aimed at improving the individual ENC, improving consistency across the entire dataset and improving the usability of the product. At all times the feedback is targeted advice designed to improve the product to the benefit of the mariner.

The IC-ENC business model allows for regional offices to operate to the same standards as the main office in England. IC-ENC developed the concept to create regional centres that manage:

  • Validation of both national and regional data

  • Regional cooperation on ENC production

  • Development of regional views on standardisation rules and representation of these at IC-ENC working groups

  • Local distribution of data for the national market


IC-ENC Regional Office Model

The regional office model promotes consistency, efficiency and partnership within the region and fits neatly into the WEND concept. IC-ENC encourages the development of regional offices and provides support and training as required.

In January 2005 Australia launched the second regional coordinating centre within the IC-ENC family. Hosted by the Australian Hydrographic Service (AHS) and located in Wollongong the office provides the same comprehensive and independent quality assurance services undertaken by the main IC-ENC office in Taunton.

When the ENCs have been validated and are ready for distribution, IC-ENC delivers each ENC file to its Value Added Resellers (VARs) as a complete Exchange Set. The VARs are companies that have practical experience in digital chart supply and who are able to offer comprehensive ENC services  and support to the mariner.
By working with these assessed vendors IC-ENC ensures the mariner has a choice between different styles of services each incorporating the wide range of ENCs. 
These are available through well known international distribution outlets.

IC-ENC members therefore benefit from being part of a centre of expertise that provides cost effective quality assurance, advice, distribution​ and revenue management services.