IC-ENC member VARs

IC-ENC Member VARs


  • The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office's (UKHO) ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS) brings together over 12,500 official ENCs from national hydrographic offices and new ENC coverage produced by the UKHO in co-operation with Foreign Governments. All AVCS customers receive up-to-date coverage via weekly updates and can apply all UKHO Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners to ENCs using the service's unique ADMIRALTY Information Overlay (AIO). The service also meets the latest S-63 data protection standard (S-63 Edition 1.1) from the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO). 
    To find out more about AVCS and other world-class ADMIRALTY Nautical Products and Services, please click here.


  • ChartCo has a long history of providing electronic chart data to a global customer base.  ChartCo is an authorised distributor of official Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) from the two Regional ENC Co-ordination Centres (RENCs) PRIMAR and IC-ENC, supplying ENCs that are fully compliant with IHO S-57/S-63 standards and IMO SOLAS chart and carriage requirements. ChartCo is able to supply ENC services that provide comprehensive worldwide coverage of all the major seaway routes, approaches, coasts and harbours. For further information, please click here.



  • ChartWorld International is a value-added reseller of digital electronic charts for marine applications and has been delivering digital data (charts and publications) for SOLAS, Inland Waterways, and workboat use since 2002. ChartWorld is an authorized VAR for both Primar and IC-ENC, ISO 9001 certified and is an IHB approved data server. ChartWorld's product portfolio includes the full range of Primar and IC-ENC electronic navigational data and publications, Navionics digital charts in S-63 format, their own range of ChartWorld digital charts in both SENC and S-63, the Digitrace digital paper chart correction service from Marine Press of Canada and Inland ENCs for a number of key regions around the World. For further information please click here or for contact details click here


  • DATEMA has brought many innovations to the distibution of ENCs with the aim to facilitate the mariner in their integration of digital navigation. Datema developed both a pre-paid as well as the pay-as-you-sail solution. Our free digital chart catalogue Chartplanner allows you to access permits to up to date ENCs and ARCS navigational charts, digital updates and NTM's at the click of a button, making it the first truly automatic 24/7 pre-paid ENC service in the world! Datema's award winning ENCTrack service was the world's first pay-as-you-sail ENC delivery service. It simplifies ENC license management and improves safety and ease of handling.
    For more information on ENCTrack click here.



  • Jeppesen ENCService contains only official Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs), approved to meet the SOLAS carriage requirements and the ECDIS mandate. An approved ECDIS combined with Jeppesen ENCs makes paperless navigation possible.  Jeppesen is an authorized distributor of ENCs from Hydrographic Offices directly, and through Regional ENC Coordinating Centers (RENCs). For further information please click here



  • MARIS AS is a limited company with its head office in Tønsberg, Norway, a recognized center for maritime information technology. The majority owner is the Grieg Group (www.grieg.no).  MARIS AS is a system house with world class experience in onboard systems. Innovative engineering has added several ´world firsts´ to its global list of milestones. Among these are our ´Wheelmark´ certified ECDIS and PC Radar/ARPA, IEC 60945 certified Flat Panel Computer and VDR/ECDIS COMBO. Our dedicated department, MARIS Digital Services, offers a wide range of Electronic Charts and publications, Digital Products and Services. For further information, please click here



  • NAVTOR has its head office in Egersund staffed by a team of personnel with extensive experience in the development, marketing, sales and support of official electronic charts and navigational information services for the professional maritime market. 
    NAVTOR has a subsidiary in St. Petersburg manned by experienced technical experts, specialising in the field of ECDIS kernels and maritime software development. For further information, please click here.



  • PRIMAR is an international collaboration dedicated to providing a consistent and reliable electronic navigational chart (ENC) service, and operated on a non-profit basis by the Norwegian Hydrographic Service (NHS) in close cooperation with Electronic Chart Centre AS (ECC).
    Our core aim is to support authorised partners with flexible, user-friendly, efficient and timely solutions. This ensures that end users are provided with an ENC service which is recognised for its quality and for its overall contribution to marine safety and efficiency at a global level.
    For further information on available services please see PRIMAR's website : www.primar.org